Valerio Barrilà

Passioned full stack web developer (now with homebase in Madrid)

About Me

I have a positive thinking and I'm a really good teammate; I really like to work with people more expert than me which I can learn from. I consider myself a full stack web developer with a strong passion for javascript (client and server side), scalability and software engineering.


As a programmer everything starts with Andrea Iacono, the person who introduced me to programming and to "Web Thinking". I worked with him at Humanbit for one year on three main web projects: two social communities and an online magazine.

Then I moved to Vidiemme where I found Kesiev, a super Javascript coder! With him we worked on iOS and started to build a modular application that let use build iPad targeted magazines quickly. This was a very useful experience because for the first time I faced programming concepts like pointers and memory management.

While working at Vidiemme I was contacted by Buongiorno (later Lumata, born for a partnership with San Francisco Partner), an Italian company who leads the mobile market providing services for mobile operators. Here I was hired as Java developer and assigned to the company main project: a multi country web service based on open source technologies and specifications used by mobile operators to set up marketing campaigns based on topup events. Here I learned a lot, both on working methodologies and code best practices, because I worked with a great team of experts always happy to teach and learn something new every day!

later I moved to Madrid and after the summer I started working for TradeSlide leading the frontend team. I helped the company to going online quickly and with a set JS libraries capable to scale later if the company grows.

Once reached my objective with TradeSlide I joined the tech team of TapTap Networks to build an advertising platform. The project I'm working on is sonata Retail and it's composed by various server components; I take care of building the server side API and tools with Node.js but occasionally I also help my team mates with the fronte end part built with Backbone.

This is just a resume of my carreer, if you wants more check out my full cv!



Booksteke is a magazine composed by articles contained in tweets that users marks as favorite! Is built with Node.js and use MongoDB & Redis as NoSQL database and cache layer. Is deployed entirely on Heroku. The project is always in "work in progress".

jQuery mambo Plugin

Mambo is a jQuery plugin that use canvas to draw 2d percenatge badges. I made this plugin because I was working on a web application that needs to display badges with a round percentage around them and I thought that using images would have been a mess! So since our Web Application targets canvas capable browsers I thought to experiment for the first time canvas drawing and release my experiments with a jQuery plugin reusable by other people.


Single page web application made in order to improve my skills with Javascript (the code still needs some refactoring...especially the plugin system). The project use three main web services: Google Maps Javscript API v3, Twitter API and Flicker API to display geolocated content but other services could be added as plugins. The user just needs to insert a location and an hashtag, the application will search content and display it as POI in Google Map

Image Sharing

This is a small project made just for playing with NodeJS and Redis! Is a very dumb application that allow you to share image between two client conneted just dropping them on the screen. Check out the project code at Github.